Everytopic seminar

Everytopic Seminar
Spring 2010
Friday, 1:40pm-3:00pm

Schedule of talks (all talks at 1:40pm in room 226)

   DATE         SPEAKER                  TITLE           
Mar 5 Paul Monsky (Brandeis)
An experimental calculation of some Hilbert polynomials
Mar 26
Jonathan Pottharst (Boston college)
Iwasawa theory for abelian varieties
Apr 9
Alex Kontorovich (IAS)
Sieving in group
Apr 16 Joe Rabinoff (Harvard universisty)
Canonical subgroups for abelian varieties
Apr 23 Toby Gee (Harvard University)
Apr 30 (2pm) Avner Ash (Boston College)
Reducible Galois representations and Hecke eigenclasses \vfill
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