Long-Term Invitations

Fall 2014 - One Semester at Harvard University

Fall 2012 - One semester as an invited associate professor at Yale University

Spring 2011 - One month as an invited associate professor at University di Padova, Italy

Spring 2011 - Some time (I don't know when and how long) at the IAS, Princeton.

Spring 2010 - One month at University di Padova, Italy

Winter 2010 - One month as an invited professor at the Semestre Galoisien, Paris (not sure yet I'll go)

June-July 2007 - Jean-Paul Gimon Fund fellow at I.H.E.S, France

May-June 2007 - One month at Universita di Padova, Italy.

May 2006 - One month at Harvard University. Four 90-minutes lecture at Harvard University and the Clay Mathematical Institue (Cambridge, Ma), Eigensemester

  • Lecture 1 (May 10 ), Pseudocharacters .
  • Lecture 2 (May 12 ), Residually multiplicty free pseudocharcaters (joint work with G. Chenevier). Notes for lecture 1 and 2
  • Lecture 3 (May 15 ), Generalization to non-flat modules of Kisin's result on crystallne periods in a family and applications (joint work with G. Chenevier).
  • Lecture 4 (May 25), An oriented introduction to Arthur's conjectures.

    June-July 2005 - Two months at I.H.E.S

    January-June 2003 - Universita di Roma 1

    September-December 2002 - I.A.S. (Institute for Advanced studies)

    Talks (T) and participation at conferences since 2002

    May 2018 - (T) Conference dedicated to the French school of automorphic forms, IHES

    July 2017 - (T) Nisyros conference on "Euler systems and p-adic L-functions"

    February 2017 - (T) Harvard University Number Theory Seminar

    June 2016 - (T) Conference in honor of Karl Rubin, Harvard

    May 2016 - (T) Princeton Univseristy Number Theory Seminar

    May 2015 - (T) International Conference on Analytic Number Theory, ETH Zurich

    January 2015 - (T) University of British Columbia Number Theory Seminar

    December 2014 - (T) Harvard Number Theory Seminar

    October 2014 - (T) AMS conference at Halifa (cancelled)

    September 2014 - (T) Chicago University Number Theory Seminar

    September 2014 - (T) Northwestern Number Theory Seminar

    June 2014 - (T) Conference in honor of Glenn Stevens, Boston University

    April 2014 - (T) IGERT seminar, Brandeis.

    April 2014 - (T) Application of autmorphic forms to number theory and combinatorics, conference in honor of Winnie Lie, Baton Rouge

    February 2014 - MSRI Hot Topics on perfectoid spaces

    December 2013 - (T) Number Theory Seminar, Boston University

    November 2013 - (T) Number Theory Seminar, Yale

    April 2013 - (T) AMS special session, Boston College

    February 2013 - (T) Number Theory Seminar, University of North Carolina

    January 2013 - (T) Informal Number Theory Seminar, Yale university

    January 2013 - (T) Seminaire d'arithmetique et de geometrie algebrique (SAGA), orsay

    November 2012 - (T) Columbia University's colloquium.

    October 2012 - (T) Princeton's number theory seminar

    September 2012 - (T) Yale's number theory and dynamics seminar

    June 2012 - (T) Conference in honor of Haruzo Hida, UCLA, Los Angeles (cancelled)

    May 2012 - (T) Number theory seminar, University of Washington, Seattle (cancelled)

    April 2012 - (T) Workshop on the p-adic Langlands program, Fields institute, Toronto

    February 2012 - (T) Everytopic seminar, Brandeis

    January 2012 - (T) Number theory seminar, Harvard

    November 2011 - (T) Number theory seminar, Stanford

    August 2011 - (T) Bariloche, Argentina (Cancelled)

    July 2011 - (T) Luminy, Marseille

    April 2011 - (T) Upstate New York Number Theory Conference, Cornell University

    April 2011 - (T) Colloquium, SUNY Buffalo

    February 2011 - (T) Collaborative number theory seminar, Cuny Graduate Center, New York

    December 2010 - (T) MIT Number Theory Seminar, Cambridhe

    November 2010 - (T) Stanford-UCSC Number theory day

    October 2010 - (T) Harvard Number Theory Seminar

    August 2010 - (T) ICM sattelite conference on number theory, Goa.

    April 2010 - (T) Joint NYU/CUNY/Columbia number theory seminar

    February 2010 - (T) Conference on p-adic L-functions, Montreal

    January 2010 - (T) Semestre Galoisien, Paris (minicourse)

    December 2009 - Clay Math institute, conference on "Computations related to the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture"

    November 2009 - (T) Northewestern University Number Theory Seminar

    June-July 2009 - (T) CMI Summer school on Galois representations, Hawaii. One week course

    March, 2009 - (T) Caltech, Pasadena

    February, 2009 - (T) Stable p-adic automorphy of Galois representations, Five colleges Number Theory Teminar.

    November, 2008 - (T) Endoscopic tempered points on eigenvarieties, Boston Algebra Seminar

    October 15, 2008 - (T) Endoscopic tempered points on eigenvarieties, Harvard number theory seminar

    10-22 August 2008 - (T) Stable Trace formula, Automorphic Forms, and Galois representations, Summer school (10-17) and workshop (18-22), Banff, Canada. I gave three talks on Banff:

  • (1) The trace formula for cocompact groups, with a description of the terms. (abstract)
  • (2) Endoscopic transfer of unramified representations in terms of Satake parameters (example of unitary groups) (abstract)
  • (3) Endoscopic tempered points on eigenvarieties.

    June 28 -- July 2, 2008 - (T) Modular Form, UCB, Berkeley

    May 31 - (T) Workshop, University of California at San Diego

    May 22 - (T) Number theory seminar, University of California at San Diego

    March 24--29, 2008 - (T) Selmer Groups, L-functions, and Galois Deformations, UCLA, Los Angeles.

    December 2007 - (T) Harvard University, Cambridge.

    October 2007 - (T) McGill Unievrsity, Montreal

    May 2007 - (T) p-adic seminar, Universita degli studi di Padova, Padua, Italy.

    February 2007 - (T) Colloquium, Brandeis University

    February 2007 - (T) Number theory seminar, University of Michigan

    November 2006 - (T) The Yoga of Patching II, after Wiles, Taylor, Diamond, Kisin , Columbia number theory workshop.

    November 2006 - (T) Arthur's conjecture for unitary groups, Hot topics at MSRI : Modularity for Gl(2) and beyond

    October 2006 - (T) Colloquium, UCLA

    October 2006 - (T) Number theory seminar, UCLA

    October 2006 - (T) The Yoga of Patching I, after Wiles, Taylor, Diamond, Kisin , Columbia number theory workshop.

    June 2006 - (T) Introduction to Pseudocharacters, Automorphic Galois Representations, L-Functions and Arithmetic, Instructional Workshop, Columbia University.

    June 2006 - Journees Soltice d'ete, Chevalleret.

    April 2006 - (T) Stochastic differential equations and Lie algebras, two talks in Karatzas'course on stochastic differential calculus, Columbia University.

    December 2005 - (T) Eigenvarieties and Bloch-Kato conjectures (joint work with G. Chenevier) , Algebra seminar, Penn university (Philadelphie).

    November 2005 - Conference in honor of Pierre Deligne, IAS Princeton

    October 2005 - (T) Geometry of unitary eigenvarieties and rank of Selmer groups, joint NYU-CUNY-Columbia University number theory seminar

    September 2005 - (T) Conference "A p-adic local Langlands correspondence and p-adic families of modular forms", CRM de Montréal.

    July 2005 - conference " Représentations galoisiennes ", IRMA (Strasbourg).

    July 2004 - (T) Geometry of unitary eigenvarieties at non tempered points and lower bound on Selmer groups , London Math. Society Symposium on L-functions, Duhram

    June 2004 - (T) Lissite de la courbe de Hecke (Eigencurve) aux points classiques. , Seminaire Groupes Reductifs et Formes Automorphes, Chevalleret

    May 2004 - Shimura Varieties, Lattices and Symmetric Spaces, Monte Verita, Ascona, Suisse

    September 2003 - (T) families of automorphic forms for U(3) and Selmer groups of Hecke character, Meeting of the ``Algebraic Arithmetic Geometry'' european net, Bonn

    June 2003 - Représentations p-adiques/modulo p de groupes p-adiques, Luminy

    June 2003 - (T) Level Raising, Local-Global compatibility in the Langlands correspondance, and Ramanujan conjecture for U(3) Oberwolfach, week on algebraic number theory.

    May 2003 - (T) Number theory seminar, Chevalleret

    April 2003 - (T) Seminaire d'arithmetique et de geometrie algebrique (SAGA), Orsay

    March 2003 - (T) Math Seminar of the University of Nice.

    March 2003 - (T) Seminar "Drinfeld inverse", Simpson, University of Nice.

    2003 - Workshop on the fundamental lemma séminaire Lafforgue-NGo (I.H.E.S. et Paris 13).

    November 2002 - (T) Joint IAS-Princeton number theory seminar

    October-december 2002 - (T) Workshop on mixed motives and Voevodski's wotk, IAS-Princeton University.

    September 2002 - (T) Short talk at the IAS.

    July 2002 - Summer school on the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture, Paris 7.

    June 2002 - Fonctorialite de Langlands : progres recents, Luminy.

    April 2002 - Conference at Villetaneuse on Bloch-Kato conjectures.

    April 2002 - (T) Math. Seminar if the University of Nice.

    March 2002 - (T) Number theory Seminar, Padua, Italy

    January 2002 - (T) defense of my PhD thesis "conruences endoscopiques et representations galoisiennes", Orsay University (Paris XI).