We are a group and will work together all semester. Your attention, attendance, and active participation are both encouraged and required. Please show your respect to the other class members by being on time. If anyone misses class or comes in late, it will affect all of us, so please don't! If you are sick or have another emergency, please call to let me know. If ever you have a question about whether class will be held due to bad weather, I'll leave a message on my voice mail if it is going to be canceled.

Participation and attendance will make up a significant portion of your learning, and therefore your grade, in this course. Do all the work--readings, papers, etc.--on time, too. If for any reason you cannot read or write the assignment on time, please let me know in advance of the class period for which it is due. All unexcused absences or late papers will lower your grade. Here is how your work will be evaluated for your final grade:

  1. ****CLASS PARTICIPATION**** (includes attendance, contributions
    to discussions, at least two oral presentations):

  2. Two 3-5 page graded papers and frequent reaction papers :

  3. Final research paper (10-12 pages):



Please do all your own writing on your papers, being sure to attribute other people's words and ideas to them, and following closely the Brandeis University Policies on Academic Honesty from the Student Handbook. I encourage you to use the Brandeis Writing Center for help with your papers.

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