ARIELLA BRUNWASSER: Censorship in Cyberspace: Does Protecting our Children Infringe on First Amendment Rights?

SHARON SCHLESINGER: Tracking and Socialization

CHRISTINA BEAN: The Benefits of Catholic Parochial Education

ADAM KLEIN: The Influence of the Inquisition on Voltaire

JENNIFER NADLER: Reading to Children--Parents' Influence

AARON WEINGLASS: Enlightenment Through Meditation in Zen Buddhism

NICK BOCEK: A Comparison Between the Philosophies of Education in Germany and America

HILARY BARSHAY: Nature as an Instrument of Education in Walt Whitman's poem "The Sleepers"

RINA MAZOR: Philosophies of Cooperative Learning in Untracked Sixth Through Eighth Grade Classes

ALEXANDER LO: A Comparative Study of Parenting in American and Asian-American Families

MICHELLE GIUMETTE: The Effect of Volunteer Work and Community Service on the Education of Middle School Students

LINDA CLIFFORD: Whole-Language or Phonics: Which Reading Education Method is More Successful?

MOSES ONG: Equity among Los Angeles Unified School District High Schools

MARK TAPPER: The Effectiveness of Sun Tzu's The Art of War as a Corporate Training Manual

ELIDA KAMINE: Is there a Public for Public Schools?

JEFF FELDMAN: A Comparative Study of the Lives of Holden Caulfield and Huckleberry Finn

WILL BASLOCK: Holden Caulfield and Depression in Teenage Males

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