Hosts at Last

by Keren Ghitis

"Thank you so much for writing to us. It made me feel extremely welcome," writes Priscilla Araya of the Posse Foundation. Diversity is all about making people feel welcome to our institution. And afterwards to respect his/her identity. We need to help the Posse members feel comfortable in their new home, to truly accept them to our community. Not to let them feel different or segregated. We have to remember that once, some of us, Jews, were unwelcome in many places, including colleges. To have a university which accepts Jews was part of the reason for founding Brandeis. Abraham Sachar, Brandeis' first president, described Brandeis as "a host at last." We need to try to be good hosts and encourage as much diversity as possible, being open-minded to different populations. By taking the first steps we already make a difference and make diversity closer. And we also make Priscilla and her friends feel welcome and comfortable to come to Brandeis.

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