CHRISTINE DAGOSTINO: The effects of the arts on the education and attitude of students in Waltham High School.

GABY TOTH: How do children learn and grow from what they watch on TV as opposed to how they learn in the classroom?

ANNIE ROTH: What religious education is a child from an interfaith marriage, between a Jew and a Catholic, brought up with more often, if any? How closely do they follow that religion, and what happens when they get older?

JENNY GOLDSTEIN: Tracking in America's high schools--pros and cons.

SARA GREENFIELD: College and university "teach-ins" during the Vietnam War.

MARY McGRATH: How did Maria Montessori's system affect the low-income areas of Italy and does this system have the same effect here in the United States and more specifically in Massachusetts?

JOHN YU: How does classical music training help academic study, particularly in math, reading, and IQ tests?

ADAM LA CROIX: The benefits of being home schooled.

TAL BLUM: Teaching the Hebrew language in the U.S., particularly at Brandeis.

LING YEE KHOR: How successful is the Malaysian education system in overcoming the British colonial legacy and in achieving its main goal, which is to unite the multi-racial population?

ISAK DEESKINAZIS: What sorts of behavioral and academic effects do corporal punishment in schools (especially elementary schools) have on children?

ANUJ BHARDWAJ: What is satyagrahu? What did Gandhi teach about it during the Indian Independence Movement?

MELISSA BARTMAN: Japanese College Entrance Examinations--How they fit into Japanese culture and why the present system should be fixed.

NICOLE EATON: A cross-cultural comparison of traditional, idealized female coming-of-age novels (e.g. Jane Eyre, Pollyanna, Little Women) to contemporary ones (e.g. Diary of Anne Frank, An American Childhood, The Bluest Eye, House on Mango Street, Woman Warrior), addressing the general topic of the "female self," especially such issues as sexuality, marriage, romance.

JAMES BRIEF: Should Huckleberry Finn be banned in school libraries?

MARTINE GOMES: A comparison of the identity crises of different generations of Cape Verdean Americans in the New England area.

KEREN GHITIS: Does the Israeli Army educate people to be too aggressive?

JESSE FRIEDMAN: The role of quotas in the college admissions process.

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