WHO WE ARE--USEM4b--1998

LING YEE KHOR: Hi, I am Ling Yee from Penang, Malaysia. This is my first year at Brandeis. I am undecided about my major because I have only taken some introductory courses here. I will probably major in Computer Science though because I like to play computer games. I also like soccer: playing soccer, watching soccer games, reading soccer magazines (and anything that is related to soccer).

TAL BLUM: The elder of the pack, who joined us after fulfilling his duties to his motherland.

MELISSA BARTMAN: Age 18, even though at times she thinks she's 40. Trying to become an enlightened college student (an oxymoron, perhaps?) while being premed. What a combo!

ANNIE ROTH: Always make time for the things that make you smile.

GABI TOTH: Hi! My name is Gabi and I am a freshman here at Brandeis. I am a potential American Studies/Journalism major and Spanish minor. I love to write, so it's obvious why I chose journalism. I also love to dance, play the piano, and watch television. I hope to be a critic for movies, TV, or dance some day.

NICOLE EATON: Hi, my name is Nicole Eaton . I'm from New York. I love to dance, and I'm in Adagio. I write for the Just Arts section of the paper. I'm thinking about being an English major with an Art History minor. I want to be a writer.

Born: Waltham, MA. Presently live in Walpole, MA.
Family: Oldest of four children (sisters 17, 15; brother 12)
School: Public elementary school, Private Catholic high school
Educational Plans: Graduate as a psychology major, attend UCLA Law School
Career Plans: Social Work, Counseling
Interests: Community service, reading, lifting weights
Most significant experience: Did missionary work in the barrio of Duran, Ecuador my junior year in high school

JOHN YU: Hi! My name is John Yu. I'm originally from Korea, but currently reside in Louisiana. At Brandeis I'm studying Economics and Politics along with the Program in International Business. I am not sure what I want to do in my life yet, but I want to find something that will glorify God. You'll find me all over the Boston area and different campuses during the week and at New Covenant Presbyterian Church on weekends. If you have time, please visit my web page at http://members.aol.com/JCFreak526/index.html

SARA GREENFIELD: I am a freshman at Brandeis University. At this point in time, I am still undecided about my major, but I know that I would like to minor in the education program. Aside from the academic realm, I enjoy playing tennis and volunteer at the Admissions Office. During the week I am busy working at the Development and Alumni Relations Office as a secretary. So far I have enjoyed my first year at Brandeis and I am excited to return in the fall.

JENNY GOLDSTEIN: Hey ya'll! My name is Jenny Goldstein and I'm a proud native born Texan. Now a transplanted Arizonian, I'm enjoying living in the Northeast and attending Brandeis. I'm interested in everything and everything so I have yet to select a major. I love to read, write and travel. Future aspirations of mine include backpacking Europe and serving in the Peace Corps or some similar organization.

MARY McGRATH: My name is Mary McGrath! I am 18 years old and from Tewksbury, Ma. I love to run and play different sports. This fall, I will be an AIDE (Orientation) Group Leader so you can keep a look out for me! I'd be glad to help answer any of your questions. Good luck with your freshman year!

JESSE FRIEDMAN: Hey! I'm Jesse, I come from New Jersey and I am currently focusing on politics and economics. In the time away from academics, I am an editor of the campus newspaper, "The Justice." I like to play tennis and travel in my spare time.

ANUJ BHARDWAJ: Hey how's it going? I come from Rockland County, New York, which is 26 miles north of New York City. I am currently a pre-med student, but that may change. Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get--Forrest Gump.

ISAK DEESKINAZIS: Hi! I'm Isak, I am from Istanbul, Turkey. I am a member of the Jewish community in Istanbul, which is only 20,000. This is my first year at Brandeis. I am a soccer fan and I also like skiing. I invite all of you to my beautiful country, Turkey. If you don't visit it, you'll miss something from your life. See you (maybe in Istanbul)!

KEREN GHITIS: Came from Israel to learn how to cultivate her garden in the States.

JAMES BRIEF: Secret Agent and four-time Olympic badminton champion. I often spend a semester here and there at Brandeis to take some USEM courses whenever I'm not at the space station.

MARTINE GOMES: What's up? My name is Martine Gomes. I was born in Senegal and came here when I was 8. I'm a former TYP (Transitional Year Program) student. I haven't decided on a major yet; however, I'm interested in Theater Arts and AAAS (African and Afro-American Studies). I'm a very outgoing Cape Verdean female who loves to dance.

CHRISTINE DAGOSTINO: The strong silent type.

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