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Last Updated: January 25, 2005
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Sweet, sweet MT-90. Side-blinkers, check. Rain. Check.
Had a somewhat wet minimeet. Good times.
The uber-cool RPM hood lifters!
More recent pics, from a Brandeis car show and parking lot. Shows my
new rims: Kosei K1 TS wrapped with Toyo T1-S rubber. Notice 6club sticker.
Starting to warm up a bit. Finally installed the MOMO grip pedals and
endurance shift boot. Claybar'd the paint and got a fresh coat of wax on.
New Sylvania H3s and 1157s - A few pics from the Delaware meet at Kahunaville -
Engine Cover Lettering - Finally got my bumper repainted and had the
license plate holder holes filled in... Sweet!
Added Snow Pictures! See Other Pictures for more!
Injen intake installed! [Dyno: Hi-Res / Low-Res]
Finally removed the door protectors! No more warm sunny weather,
so I spent about 2 hours peeling adhesive off with my fingers.
Above are pictures after my first use of claybar to clean the paint.
Then washed with Zaino Z-7 and waxed again with Blitz wax.