Everytopic seminar

Everytopic Seminar
Spring 2013
Friday, 2:00pm-3:20pm

Schedule of talks (all talks at 2:00pm in room 226)

   DATE         SPEAKER                  TITLE           
Feb 15 Andrew Sutherland (MIT)
The generalized Sato-Tate conjecture
Mar 1 John Bergdall (Brandeis)
p-adic families of modular forms
Mar 7 David Simmons (Ohio State)
Diophantine approximation in Banach spaces
Mar 15 Paul Bourgade (Harvard) Universality for log-gases
Apr 5 Abbey Bourdon (Wesleyan)
Uniform Bound on Certain CM Cases of the Rasmussen/Tamagawa Conjecture
Apr 19 Erez Nesharim (Ben Gurion)
Absolute Schmidt's Game With Regrets
Apr 26 Junecue Suh (Harvard)
Parity in the cohomology of algebraic varieties
May 3 Joël Bellaïche (Brandeis)
Chebotarev's density theorem and Littlewood's complexity
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