Everytopic seminar

Everytopic Seminar
Fall 2012
Friday, 2:00pm-3:20pm

Schedule of talks (all talks at 2:00pm in room 226)

   DATE         SPEAKER                  TITLE           
Sept 14 Elijah Liflyand (Bar Ilan University) Extending tests for convergence of number series
Sept 21 Kiyoshi Igusa (Brandeis)
Cluster categories of type A and relationship to geometry of surfaces and string theory
Oct 5 Ben Elias (MIT)
Geometric Satake equivalence for dummies (and quantum dummies)
Oct 12 Jennifer Balakrishnan (Harvard)
Integral points on curves and p-adic integration
Oct 19 Barak Weiss (Ben Gurion University)
On the Mordell-Gruber Spectrum
Oct 26 Alessandro Tomasiello (Universita Milano-Bicocca)
Generalized complex geometry and string theory
Nov 2 Gabor Lippner (Harvard)
Measurable graph theory and perfect matchings
Nov 16 Shinobu Hosono (Tokyo University)
Calabi-Yau threefolds of Reye congruences -- projective geometry and mirror symmetry
Nov 30 Si Li (Boston University)
Fock space and Renormalization
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