Brandeis KBH history

Our KBH team was born sometime in the Fall semester of 1995. Our first appearance took place during the game between MIT and NYU on December 3, 1996. Three members of our team (at that time we did not yet have a clear idea who the others were going to be) showed a short "visitnaya kartochka". We got a very warm reaction from the audience and all sevens from the jurors (ironically, while the popularity of our team with the audience would grow when it came to real games, the jurors wouldn't be so sympathetic, as we were about to find out).

The first game we played in the season of 1995-1996 was against MIT on January 27, 1996. More experienced MIT team won, but we enjoyed the game a lot, and our team was beginning to develop its own style. After that game we participated in the KBH festival held in New York in February, 1996. Also, several of our players were invited to play in Boston team's game against NYU.

The season finished with the final game on October 26, 1996 between Harvard, NYU and Brandeis. The overall quality of the game was arguably the highest so far, and so was was the level of competitiveness. This is reflected in the final score: Brandeis 133, Harvard 133, NYU 134. In the final standings, we occupied the noble fourth place. In other words, our glorious victories were still ahead.

And indeed, on April 26 (after exactly six month rest) we flew to California to play with the team of San-Francisco. This was a very interesting game which we won 136:130 - a good start of the new season!

On June 14, 1997 the Brandeis team participated in a large Boston KBH festival in which 9 teams from Boston, New York and Chicago took part.

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