Math 212B - Functional Analysis

Information for students, Spring 2009

Class meets at: Goldsmith 226, MW 3:40 - 5 PM
Lecturer: Dmitry Kleinbock
Office: Goldsmith 207, phone 6-3059
Office Hours: MW 2-3 PM or by appt.
E-mail address:

Homework 1 (Topological Vector Spaces and Linear Operators): PDF, TEX
Homework 2 (Banach Algebras): PDF, TEX
Homework 3 (Compactness and Local Compactness): PDF, TEX
Homework 4 (Compact and Fredholm Operators): PDF, TEX
Homework 5 (Invariant measures): PDF, TEX

Suggested textbooks:

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to essential results of Functional Analysis and some of its applications. In some sense, it is a continuation of 111A (Real Analysis); all participants of the last semester's course are welcome.

Topics to be covered:

Planning ahead: in Fall 2009 I'll teach a course tentatively titled "Dynamics and number theory on homogeneous spaces", for which knowing some ergodic theory as well as basics on Lie groups (224B) will be very helpful.

Homework will be assigned (approximately) once every two weeks and will be due the following week.

Have a great semester!