Monday December 1, 2003

Speaker: Markus Hunziker (University of Georgia)

Title: The Geometry of Quantum Computing

Abstract: In the early 1980s, Feynman suggested that quantum systems might be able to do certain computations more efficiently than classical computers. This led to the development by Deutsch and others of a new model of computing - quantum computing. Shor's discovery in 1994 of a polynomial time quantum algorithm for factoring ignited the subject that subsequently expanded in many directions.

In this talk I will first give a brief introduction to quantum computing from a geometric perspective. I will then show how a solution method for geometric optimization problems can be used to construct quantum algorithms that solve new problems more efficiently than is possible classically.

The work presented during the second half of the talk is joint work with David Meyer, Jihun Park, Jamie Pommersheim and Mitch Rothstein.