Monday April 19, 2004

Speaker: Erez Lieberman (Harvard)

Title: Evolutionary Graph Theory

Abstract: Evolutionary processes may be dramatically amplified or completely suppressed by the effects of spatiotemporal structure.

Given an arbitrary coloring on a weighted digraph G, define an iterative process in which the color of one vertex replaces the color of a neighboring vertex with probability proportional to some characteristic chromatic fitness. Assuming monochromatic absorbing states, the system is absorbed into a given state with probability rho(G) after characteristic time tau(G). This talk will discuss how these functions vary with G.

The applications of evolutionary graph theory to the study of theoretical anatomy will be explored. As a concrete example, the structure of epidermal tissue, and in particular the role of stem cells, will be treated.

Further topics - including cascade hypergraphs, chromatic diffusivity, spatial games, and scalefree amplifiers - will be introduced as time allows.