Math/CS/Physics Everyperson Seminar

met on Mondays from 4 to 5 PM in Goldsmith 317, preceded by tea at 3:30 PM at the Math Department lounge (Goldsmith 300).

2004 Schedule of Talks

Date Speaker Title
September 20 Harry Tamvakis Schubert Calculus and Lie Group Representations
September 27 Guoce Xin On MacMahon's Partition Analysis
October 11 David Fisher (Lehman College
and Graduate Center, CUNY)
Local rigidity and implicit function theorems (pdf)
October 25 Virgil Pierce Random Matrices and Map Enumeration
November 1
Lior Silberman (Princeton) Finding Arithmetic Flavor in Quantum Chaos
November 8 Albion Lawrence Geometric Quantization
November 15 Dylan Thurston (Harvard) The Exceptional Series and Magic Triangle of Lie Algebras
November 22 Arthur Benjamin (Harvey Mudd) Counting on Determinants
December 6 Andrew Linshaw Vertex Algebras and Invariant Theory
December 13 Sasha Golubeva (Hebrew University) Linear groups-subgroups pairs with the same invariants
January 31 Elijah Liflyand (Bar Ilan University) Lebesgue constants of multiple Fourier series
February 14 Matthew Headrick (MIT) Numerical Ricci-flat metrics on K3
February 28
Kyle Petersen (Brandeis) A Dinner Party Problem
March 7 Undergraduate Lecture Series Cryptology and Coding Theory
March 14 Undergraduate Event Pi Day
March 21 Herbert Abels (Bielefeld) Crystallographic and properly discontinuous
affine groups
March 28 Mark Skandera (Dartmouth College) Interpretations of totally nonnegative polynomials
April 4 Dmitry Kleinbock Measure rigidity and p-adic Littlewood-type problems
April 11 Oliver Knill (Harvard) A multivariable Chinese remainder theorem
and Diophantine approximation

Seminar organizers: Dmitry Kleinbock , Albion Lawrence.

The seminar was supported by the Hewlett Foundation's Strengthening Interdisciplinary Connections at Brandeis Initiative during the past three academic years.

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