Department of Mathematics, Yale University
February 24(Friday) - 27(Monday), 2006
On February 24 - 27 Yale University hosted a conference on Lie Groups: Dynamics, Rigidity, Arithmetic in honor of the 60th birthday of Gregory Margulis.
The conference's aims were to bring together scholars from around the world for fruitful scientific exchange in a broad range of areas reflecting Gregory Margulis' mathematical influence over the last 30-40 years in rigidity theory, ergodic theory, dynamics, applications to number theory, discrete subgroups of Lie groups and combinatorics.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday talks were held at:
Linsly-Chittenden Hall
61-63 High Street, Room 102

Monday's talks were held at:
The Omni New Haven Hotel
155 Temple Street
* in the Temple Room - Mezzanine Level *

The Banquet was held Saturday, February 25th, 2006, at Omni New Haven Hotel at 7:30 PM

Maps to the conferences can be found here.

H. Abels (Bielefeld University, Germany)   N. Alon (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
M. Burger (ETH, Zürich, Switzerland)   S.G. Dani (TIFR, Mumbai, India)
A. Eskin (University of Chicago)   H. Furstenberg (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
W. Goldman (University of Maryland, College Park)   F. Grunewald (Heinrich Heine Universität, Germany)
A. Katok (Pennsylvania State University, University Park)   D. Kazhdan (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
F. Ledrappier (University of Notre Dame)   E. Lindenstrauss (Princeton University)
N. Monod (University of Geneva, Switzerland)   S. Mozes(Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
P. Pansu (Université Paris-Sud, France)   P. Sarnak (Princeton University)
Y. Shalom (Tel Aviv University, Israel)   Y.-T. Siu (Harvard University)
A. Vershik (St. Petersburg State University, Russia)   R. Zimmer (Brown University)
Organizing Committee: Andrew Casson (Yale University), David Ellwood (CMI), Dmitry Kleinbock (Brandeis University), Alex Lubotzky (Hebrew University), Hee Oh (Caltech)
Sponsored by: Clay Mathematics Institute, NSF and Yale University