Monday March 18, 2002

Speaker: Simon Levy

Title: Language, Fractals, Networks, and Brains: The Chaos Connection

Abstract: Connectionism is a subfield of artificial intelligence (AI) that seeks to model language, reasoning, and other intelligent behavior using networks of simple processors inspired by the nervous system. This approach, also called neural networks, has met with much success for a limited set of domains, but has been successfully criticized as inadequate to the task of representing structured information like natural language sentences and logical propositions. In this talk I give an overview and history of the problem, and describe a candidate neural net solution. This solution, called Infinite RAAM, treats the neural network as a chaotic dynamical system, giving us new insights into the possible way that minds and brains might work.

The talk is geared toward people completely unfamiliar with the material, so it should be fun for the Everyperson audience, including undergraduates.