Math/Physics Everyperson Seminar

This seminar, supported by the Hewlett Foundation's Strengthening Interdisciplinary Connections at Brandeis Initiative, has replaced 2001-2002 Math/CS Everyperson Seminar. The meeting time is on Mondays from 4 to 5 PM in Goldsmith 317 preceded by tea at 3:30 PM at the Math Department lounge. Note that Math/CS seminar will be coming back occasionally during the spring semester as well.

Schedule of Talks, 2002-2003

Date Speaker Title
September 9 Jonathan Weitsman (Santa Cruz) Lattice points in convex polytopes, and
Euler-MacLaurin formulas, old and new
September 23 Alexander Polishchuk (BU) Calculation of some integrals and Gamma-identities
September 30 Bong Lian The Boson-Fermion Correspondence
October 7 Charles Doran (Columbia) On a theme of variations: Algebraic geometry,
differential equations, and the mirror map
October 21 Emrah Paksoy General Relativistic Models of Black Holes
October 28 Albion Lawrence Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
November 4 Alexander Retakh (MIT) Growth of groups and algebras
November 11
(Math/CS )
Lenore Cowen (Tufts) Compact Routing Schemes In Static and Dynamic Networks
November 18 Harry Tamvakis From linear algebra and puzzles to quantum cohomology
November 25
(Math/CS )
Richard Zippel (Hewlett-Packard) Synchronization for Gossip Based Communications
December 2 Maxim Vybornov (MIT) Stability in Abelian Categories
January 27 Pavel Etingof (MIT) Feynman diagrams
February 3 Raj Prasad (UML) Typical dynamics for volume preserving homeomorphisms
February 10
(Math/CS )
Harry Mairson From Hilbert Spaces to Dilbert Spaces: Context Semantics Made Simple
February 17 Vladimir Retakh (Rutgers) Noncommutative algebra and geometry: a down-to-Earth approach
February 24 Sergei Gukov (Harvard) Geometric Ideas in Physics
March 10 David Ben-Zvi (Chicago) Solitons and Many-Body Systems in Algebraic Geometry
March 17 Alex Lobkovsky (MIT) Gradient flow of a singular functional
March 24
(Math/CS )
Eric Bone The Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem in Cryptography
March 31 Anette "Peko" Hosoi (MIT) Wine tears and other instabilities in climbing films
April 7 Dmitry Kleinbock Friendly Measures
April 14 Anna Lachowska (MIT) Fusion category and beyond
April 28 Niclas Wyllard Some aspects of random matrix models

The goals of the seminar are:

  • to expose math/physics majors and graduate students to research interests of faculty members of both the Mathematics and Physics Departments

  • to help graduates, undergraduates and faculty of both departments get to know each other in the informal atmosphere of seminar talks

  • to discuss and promote connections between mathematics and physics

  • to foster interactions between Brandeis math/physics community and other Boston area schools

  • Speakers in the seminar will explain a piece of mathematics or physics or both, related or unrelated to their research, that will be understandable by the audience with minimal background. We would like to invite members of Boston area Math and Physics Departments to participate in this seminar by giving talks, attending talks, and suggesting graduate or undergraduate students who could talk at the seminar. Available funds will be used for honoraria for speakers and for refreshments before meetings.

    Anyone who would like to volunteer to speak please contact the organizers, Dmitry Kleinbock, Albion Lawrence, or Bong Lian.

    Click here for directions to the Brandeis Mathematics Department.

    Page last updated: April, 2003.