Everytopic Seminar

The Everytopic Seminar is an amalgamation of the Fellowship of the Ring Seminar and the Everyperson Seminar. The talks will be 80 minutes, with the first half of the talk given in a colloquium style which will be accessible to faculty and graduate students from any field of mathematics, and allow everyone to grasp the content and significance of the theorem(s) being discussed. The last 40 minutes will be in the style of a research seminar, providing the audience with a deeper understanding of the results as well as some details of the proof.

The seminar meets on Fridays at 1:40 pm in Goldsmith 226. The next meeting is on Friday March 30, featuring a talk by Makis Dousmanis.

Schedule of Talks, Spring 2007

Date Speaker Title
Jan 19
Noam Elkies (Harvard) Ranks of elliptic curves and surfaces
Jan 26
Jayadev Athreya (Yale) Ergodic theory of billiards and group actions on parameter spaces
Feb 2
Joel Bellaiche (Columbia) Extensions of Galois representations
Feb 16
Jeehoon Park (BU) The rationality of elliptic units for real quadratic fields over genus fields
Mar 12 Jim Tseng (Brandeis) The Shrinking Target Properties for Circle Rotations
Mar 30 Makis Dousmanis (Brandeis) Constructing 2-dimensional crystalline representations (PDF)
Apr 20 Dmitry Kleinbock (Brandeis) Expanding translates of horospheres and their applications to number theory
Mon Apr 30,
4 PM
day & time!)
Alexander Charis (Brandeis) From modular forms to automorphic representations

Fall 2006 Talks

Date Speaker Title
Sept 15
Ivan Horozov (Brandeis) Multiple zeta functions, modular forms, and iteration over the adeles
Sept 29 George McNinch (Tufts) Nilpotent orbits of a reductive group in positive characteristic
Oct 6 Ralph Kaufmann (UConn) Operads, Strings and Deligne's conjecture
Oct 27 Abhinav Kumar (MIT/Microsoft) Universally optimal distributions of points on spheres (PDF)
Nov 3 Lauren Williams (Harvard) Tableaux combinatorics for the asymmetric exclusion process
Nov 10 David Rohrlich (BU) Scarcity and abundance of trivial zeros in division towers
Nov 17 Adam Piggott (Tufts) Relative train track representatives of free-group automorphisms
Dec 1 Paul Monsky (Brandeis) Hilbert-Kunz theory for a power series in s + 1 variables, particularly when s = 2

As indicated by the name, the Everytopic Seminar is open to any field of mathematics. If you have any suggestions for a speaker, or would like to give a talk, please email Jennifer Johnson-Leung or Dmitry Kleinbock.

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