New Directions Lecture Series

Also known as NOSY (Not-Only-Second-Year) Seminar. A series of weekly lectures by faculty members or visitors of Brandeis Mathematics Department aimed at introducing various research areas of mathematics to graduate students and all interested parties.

Lectures are held on Thursdays 2:10-3 PM in Goldsmith 317, unless it is indicated otherwise (see the schedule below).

Schedule of Talks, Fall 2009

October 1, October 8 Bong Lian
Periods, Residues, and Calabi-Yau Geometry
This will be an introduction to some aspects of Calabi-Yau manifolds. The focus will be on construction of period integrals for families of such manifolds and differential equations that govern those integrals.
October 15 Ira Gessel
Lattice path enumeration
I will talk about some problems in lattice path enumeration that my students have worked on.
October 22 Jon Chaika ( Rice)
An introduction to interval exchange transformations
This talk will provide a introduction to interval exchange transformations. It will focus on how they arise and generalize rotations.
October 27
Tue 1:30 PM
Goldsmith 226
Daniel Ruberman
Embeddings of 3-manifolds in 4-space
An intro to J. Hillman's colloquium talk
November 5, November 12 Lior Fishman
Fractals, games and Diophantine approximation
We will discuss some recent and exciting connections made between fractals, geometric measure theory and number theory
November 19, December 3 Thomas Barnet-Lamb
Roads to the Sato-Tate conjecture
I will talk about the Sato-Tate conjecture, a conjecture from the 60s about the number of points mod l on elliptic curves. We'll see how connections to the Langlands program allowed this conjecture to be proved.

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