The Krauss Research Group


We are interested in hiring a Ph. D. scientist with expertise in common molecular biology and biochemical techniques. Experience with in vitro selection techniques such as SELEX or mRNA display is preferred, although all outstanding candidates with related skills will be considered. Experience with mammalian proteins and antibodies, broad knowledge of biophysical techniques such as Surface Plasmon Resonance, background in glycobiology and/or HIV structural virology are all desirable. This postdoc will work on a chemical biology project combining carbohydrates, directed evolution and HIV vaccine design (see our DNA-supported carbohydrate cluster evolution, and glycopeptide evolution work). The position is open immediately, though start dates into early 2016 will be considered. Applicants should submit their CV, publication list, letter of interest, and contact information for two references by e-mail to, with the text "Krauss Lab Postdoc Application" in the subject.