The Brandeis Labor Coalition

Uniting a Community to Initiate Change

Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays @ 7:30pm
Shapiro Campus Center 313

Support workers' rights on a global scale and within our own University community. Join the labor coalition! Experience is not needed, though bilingual skills are a plus. Come to a BLC meeting with a smile and an open mind. Be part of the movement working to change Brandeis University and our world for the better.

The Brandeis Labor Coalition is a group formed in 2002, made up of University students working with employees to advocate fairer working environments at Brandeis University and educate the student body about local, national, and international labor disputes.

The labor coalition has battled payment disparity caused by Hurley of America, mobilized the student body to make coffee on campus fair trade and make Brandeis an affiliate of the Workers' Rights Consortium. BLC has held various movie showings and teaching events about working issues, hosted "fair trade fairs" on campus, and worked in Boston labor and unemployment campaigns. If these issues interest you, take one step further by coming to BLC meetings.

E-mail us ( if you want to learn more about how to get involved.