Fair Trade

The Fair Trade Fair

For the last several years, the Labor Coalition has annually held a marketplace in the Shapiro Atrium providing Fair Trade gifts and accessories, that is, items whose production involves a living wage and fair labor conditions, and promotes independent producers and artisans around the world. Fair Trade eliminates unnecessary middlemen to make sure the price you pay goes to the people making and delivering the items.

The Fair Trade Fair typically is held in December. Sign up for the listserve (e-mail brandeislabor@lists.brandeis.edu asking for a subscription) to be kept in touch as to the date and time when you can buy fair trade gifts for your friends this Channukah or Christmas.

Fair Coffee

In January 2006, Brandeis University committed to buying only fair trade coffee under campus-wide pressure headed up by the Fair Trade Brigade. All coffee, with the exception of that in the Kosher side of Sherman, and the Faculty lounge should be Fair Trade if Brandeis University is living up to that commitment.

The Brandeis Labor Coalition collaborates with and supports the efforts of the Fair Trade Brigade (reachable at fairtrade@lists.brandeis.edu). If you find that a dining area is not living up to its promises of fair-trade only coffee, or are interested in making more foods on campus fair trade (such as chocolate) contact either group and learn how you can help make changes happen.