Sweatshop Awareness

Your club can go sweatfree.

Click here for The BLC Sweatfree Clothing Toolkit.

A continuing campaign of BLC is to switch student groups' clothing purchases to ethical sources. Please contact us to find out how BLC can help your club say no to exploitative work conditions by buying "sweat-free."

Economic Forum

In March 2009, BLC intends to hold a public forum about the global economy, bringing in speakers from Boston to match wits with Brandeis professors in a debate about workers rights and international economics!

Will countries naturally "develop" out of sweatshops by the hand of the market? Won't the wealth balance out eventually? Do the supposed economic benefits of neoliberalism reach the everyday worker? Does crisis theory predict sweatshops as a natural but unnecessary result of the exportation of industrial capitalism?

Hear it debated in March! Or get involved in planning the debate by coming to Tuesday meetings, 7:30pm in Shapiro Campus Center 313.

A mock sweatshop.

In spring 2008, BLC held its first "Mock Sweatshop" as part of the campaign to raise awareness about the hardship of low labor standards and the importance about providing good job opportunities in every country.

A mock sweatshop can provide a powerful impression of the non-economic workplace issues that face manufacturing workers everyday across the globe. Mock sweatshops give a free, tangible lesson that the problems of having no alternatives extends beyond a cripplingly low income.