Our Mission and Vision


The Brandeis Labor Coalition is a non-hierarchal collective of student leaders advocating for labor issues on and off campus. The Brandeis Labor Coalition aims to raise awareness and inquiry of labor and inequality to connect the Brandeis community with the outside world.


  • We strive to:
  • Create a strong presence on campus
  • Educate and incorporate students
  • Build relations between all series of BLC campaigns
  • Empower and support on campus workers
  • Raise awareness of discrepancies between the university‚Äôs rhetoric/values and the day-to-day reality of working at Brandeis.

Goals (circa 2003, may be a bit redundant with the above).

  • Ensuring that the mission statement of our University is upheld
  • Improving the working conditions of employees at Brandeis University
  • Leveraging our position as stakeholders to demand that tution pays for labor in an ethical manner
  • Raising awareness about the exploitation of labor within a regional and global context
  • Creating a more inclusive community through the actions of our organization
  • Establishing solidarity with local, national, international and transnational labor movements
  • Catalyzing change as a model for other students to create change.
  • Cultivating lines of communication for Brandeis employees so that the BLC's role as an intermediary is no longer needed