The Justice: April 4, 2000
The women’s lacrosse team snagged its first win of the season on Thursday. The club plays Laselle on Thursday at home.

By Allyson Salamon
Justice Contributing Writer

The Brandeis women’s lacrosse club came away from Thursday’s game against Curry College with their first victory of the season, winning 12-7.

The team went into the game with high spirits, despite the three losses they suffered in last week’s tournament hosted by Brandeis.

"The tournament on Sunday had us pretty prepared," goalie Jenny Illes ’02 said. "The teams that we had played were extremely talented, and we felt that we had played pretty well. Sunday’s games allowed us to focus on what we needed to practice, which made us stronger for Thursday’s game."

According to club president Alisa Hurwitz ’01, the team felt "confident and excited to beat the competition."

Tension and excitement peaked at halftime as Curry led with a close score of 5-4, but Brandeis managed to pull through in a successful second half.

"By the start of the second half, we knew that we could beat this team," Hurwitz said. "It really impressed me how we pulled ourselves together and regrouped as a team."

Although team members said that they considered many of the referee’s calls to be unfair during the first half, the players were able to overcome this with an impressive performance during the second half, team captain Jordana Fishman ’00 said.

"We were very down about the officiating," Fishman said. "After halftime we were more into the game."

Brandeis seized control of the game going into the second half, as the team mustered up its strength and enthusiasm.

"In the second half our offense was just really on top of the game," said Illes, who had six saves during her time in the net. "We were just playing like a really cohesive unit. It was great."

"It’s Jenny Illes’ first semester playing goalie. She really impressed us all," Hurwitz said.

Illes said she credits her resounding showing to the team’s defense. "Dani Louchheim (’01), Amie LaBella (’02) and Donna Choi (’03) put a lot of pressure on the opponent making my job a whole lot easier. The defense has really been coming together, especially focusing on communication. That really saved the game," Illes said.

"In addition to the prowess shown by the team on the field, the team displayed a great amount of enthusiasm off the field," Illes said.

"There was such an amazing level of spirit on Thursday. We are such a dedicated group of girls," she said. "Many times we intimidate other teams based on our spirit alone. We are incredibly supportive of each other. It really helps us out."

This Thursday the lacrosse club takes on Laselle College on Gordon Field.

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