The Justice: May 1, 2001
Lacrosse Finishes With a Huge Win

by Beth Seltzer
Justice Editorial Board

The Brandeis lacrosse club dealt a huge 18-1 blow on Tuesday afternoon to Eastern Nazarene College.

The victory against Eastern Nazarene was especially important, as it marked the team's final game of the season.

Going into the Eastern Nazarene matchup, Marianna Zilberman '03 said Brandeis' main objective was to play together as a team.

"We definitely achieved this goal," Zilberman said. "During the game, we definitely stepped it up a level. As a team, we were very strong."

"Everyone on the team was on fire," Zilberman added. "We were trying new things, and it was really working. We were hyped to play."

Zilberman added that the defense against Eastern Nazarene was especially strong due to the tactic of double-teaming on the opponent with the ball.

Goalie Jess Cohen '01 topped off the defensive effort, consistently blocking attempts by Eastern Nazarene.

Scoring for Brandeis Marianna Zilberman '03 with five goals, President Josiane Broussard '02 and Becky smith'03 with four goals, Christina Ho '01 and Lily Weinstein '04 with two goals, Dani Louchheim '01 and Sharmi Bandyopadyay '04 with one goal each.

Both Zilberman and Broussard attributed the team's strong performance to the addition of a new coach this semester, Kasey Ryan.

"Kasey has definitely gotten us to be more focused, especially at practices," Broussard said. "Coaching our peers last semester was difficult. It was hard to keep ourselves focused. But Kasey, keeps us on track."

"Having a coach this semester was definitely an important part of our success," Broussard said. "We're definitely playing better on the field as a result of her. Enthusiasm is also up as a result of her."

Brandeis' season was ended unexpectedly, as the game scheduled on Thursday against Brown University was cancelled by Brown due to a lack of participants.

Instead of the game, Brandeis played a friendly game of lacrosse baseball. Looking at next year, Brandyopadyay, Zilberman, and Stephanie Weinberg '04 hope to lead the team to victory as tri-captains.

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