The Justice: November 7, 2000
Lax Fall Warm-up Season Ends Winless

By Beth Seltzer
Justice Editorial Assistant

In the first half of their split season the Brandeis women's lacrosse club faced many challenging clubs and felt the lack of a coach. The team ended the period with a 0-5 record.

During the fall season the women played skilled teams, including the University of Maryland, Brown University, University of Rhode Island and Yale University.

"These were all great games because we were challenged," Co-captain Becky Smith '03 said. "They were definitely learning experiences for us." President Josie Broussard '01 said that despite their losses, she was happy with the team's performances.

"This fall we played lots of high-level clubs. We'll probably play more clubs at our level this spring," she said.

According to Smith, with the loss of six seniors due to graduation and the addition of 10 new players, eight freshman and two sophomores, it was a transitional semester for the team.

"This season was about regrouping and practicing," Smith said. "We had a lot of freshman who joined this season who have never played, but it's great because we had a larger roster, more subs, more people to choose from."

Broussard said that she is also excited about all of the new players, especially the freshmen.

"We have tons of amazing freshmen," she said. "Sharmi (Sharmila Bandyopadhyay '04) in particular is definitely promising."

According to Broussard and Smith, the major obstacle that the team must overcome is finding a coach.

"Having a coach would be the biggest help right now," Broussard said. "During the fall season, the captains acted as coaches, which meant that they couldn't practice as much."

"I know we could be so much better if we had a coach." Smith said. "As captains, we have limited experience. We can do just so much with what we know. We need a coach who can help us reorganize and strategize."

The team has been trying to move up to the varsity level, but it has reached a stumbling block at the athletic program level. The Brandeis athletic program is not supporting the team's efforts in part, Smith said, because the team lacks a coach.

Looking towards the spring season, Broussard said she hopes the players will all stay in shape. She said that because Brandeis practices only three times a week, instead of daily like most teams, it is even more important that they stay fit between now and spring.

Smith also said she hopes the team will maintain their body strength and stick skills.

"I am so proud of our team," Smith said. "We're in here 100 percent, because we want to be."

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