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As the Spring 1999 semester began, a group of thirteen students grew tired of the limited opportunities at Brandeis University to express themselves in a magazine without associated political connotations, either real or assumed. They set out to make a new magazine, a clean slate on which Brandeisians could engage in free socio-political discussion.

As a result, Louis was chartered by the Brandeis University Student Senate on Sunday, February 14, 1999, with the following aim:

To provide a superior medium to the Brandeis University student body for the purpose of intellectual discourse unfettered by the constraints of any one political ideology.


Executive Board

Jonathan Abbett, Editor-in-Chief
Mary DelSavio, Managing Editor
Meredith Scheck, Business Manager

Editorial Board

Laura Alton, Associate Editor
Julie Fishman, Associate Editor
Jarrod Reich, Senior Editor
Sarah Katel, Copy Editor
Jonathan Stern, Senior Editor


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