Track Listing

  1. Adam Tzover Zichronot
  2. Jerusalem
  3. Yonatan Shapira
  4. Yoshvim B'Beit Cafe
  5. Tamid Itcha
  6. Kama Od Efshar
  7. Ain Ani
  8. Shir B'Iparon
  9. Parparim
  10. Anim Zemirot
  11. Latet
  12. Happy Ending

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Manginah has returned to the a cappella scene with a vengeance, unleashing its latest masterpiece—Notes in the Wall. Manginah’s fun poppy tunes serve as the driving force of this album, quintessentially displaying its sound in Yonatan Shapira, Yoshvim B'Beit Cafe, and Parparim. In addition, rich choral harmony is craftfully embedded within the framework of Notes in the Wall and is prominently displayed in Anim Zemirot and Jerusalem. Simply put, Notes in the wall is a CD for the ages, enriching Manginah audience’s appreciation for the diversity and depth of Hebrew music.

Manginah copyright © 2006. All rights reserved.
Manginah is a registered undergraduate organization of Brandeis University and Brandeis Hillel.