The Manginah Monologues (Spring Show 2009).

Say Ahhhhh!

We take ourselves very seriously.

Best buddies!

The Beauties of Manignah.

Harrison, Adam, and Becky galavanting about NYC for JTS's A Capella Show.

Its grape juice... I promise!

Manginah at the Brandeis Activities Fair

The ladies of Manginah, and to maintain the general theme
of being really really good looking, we cut Yuval out of the picture :-)

The best looking guys at Brandeis, no really!
Sorry ladies, the one in pink is married.

As you can see, we tend to get a bit tired when we sing, so don't mind if we close our eyes for a bit...

We like to prove that, yes, Brandeis DOES admit athletes

The Newbies... and Hanna?

Happy Hanukkah!
P.S. The little blur at the left is Talia.