"What the map cuts up, the story cuts across."

--Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life


Creating cognitive and experiential maps of the Brandeis University campus, the artist-scholars participating in The Mapping Brandeis Project invite you to reflect on everyday and aesthetic performance practices as these are concretely situated in the spaces of our campus. Our work seeks to demonstrate that space is not objective, already existing outside the observer, but is constituted in the way social actors cross, inhabit, use, and reconfigure it.

Space becomes spatialization. Spaces are constituted recursively as the locations and effects of ongoing practices.

The Mapping Brandeis Project reveals space as a palimpsest of the practices, stories, and reflective activity of the social actors who have occupied it.

Gateway to the Mapping Brandeis Project

Exploring performance both as a means of embodied research
and as a vehicle for presenting research,
we have engaged, analyzed, and reimagined space and spatial practices
here at Brandeis University,

Sidewalk to Shapiro Campus Center

Geographically, architecturally, and environmentally concrete spaces:

Campus map showing Usdan Student Center

campus buildings, classrooms, restrooms, cafeterias,

Bus Stop at Charles River Apartments

sidewalks, lawns, and gardens.

Slosberg Building

Sidewalk through Fellows Garden


Feet on Asphalt Path

The simultaneously material and performative spaces of our bodies and psyches.

Silhouette of Man Singing

Sophia Glass Reflected in Mirror of Women's Restroom in Shapiro Campus Center

Notebook with Chinese characters

Yellowwoods Stump North Quad

Virtual and kinetic spaces in which the potentials and meanings of our practices may be rearticulated and negotiated:

Danielle Zipkin opens the curtains covering the mirrors in the dance studio

spaces of possibility and differentiation, boundaries and thresholds,

Door to TRIO Student Support Services and TYP Computer Lab

spaces of simultaneity and asynchronicity offered by the WWW,

Book "Performance Studies" on Bench at Brandeis-Roberts Train Stop

the spaces of privacy and publicness,
the spaces opened up by movement and modes of ability and disability,

Detail of Sculpture "Aboutthing" in Sculpture Garden

the space of consciousness,
the spatialization of discourse.


Where are you now?

You've traveled to The Mapping Brandeis Project
via your laptop, smart phone, or other wireless device.

How have you oriented your body --your self -- on campus?
How have you mapped your own campus coordinates
and negotiated the expectations, procedures, and policies of being a student at Brandeis?

Have you made and crossed your own boundaries?
Have you discovered your own pathways through buildings, disciplines, and "student life"?

Through your interactions with the site,
you can join us in documenting past and current uses of the campus space
and imagining future,
as yet unrealized and perhaps unpredictable,
spatial practices on campus.

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Gateway to the Mapping Brandeis Project