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How can you interact with The Mapping Brandeis Project?

The Mapping Brandeis Project explores the possibilities of wireless technology on campus. Because of the presence of laptops, smart phones, and other wireless devices in all campus spaces, the spatial and temporal boundaries of everyday life at Brandeis University are increasingly expanding beyond the limitations of place and time that, only decades earlier, seemed secure. Do we experience any difference, in our everyday activities on campus, between "physical" and "online" spaces, between the "virtual" and the "real"? What do we still want from "concrete" spaces?

We hope that members of the Brandeis community will bring their laptops, smart phones, and other wireless devices into a specific space on campus, log onto the Project from within that space, and engage an already existing analysis of that space.

We invite you to post to the blogs included throughout the Project, adding your own layers, maps, and stories to those already archived here.

How to Use the Map

Click on an area of the campus below; you will be brought to a page containing that section of the map, from which you can explore various locations within it as well as the archive of prior and ongoing engagements with that space.


splash map Athletic Fields Athletics and Foster Mods Charles River Apartments Lower Campus Administrative Buildings Lower Campus Theater Region Lower Campus Dorms, Music Building, and Admissions Middle Campus - The Rose, Shapiro Campus Center, and Administrative Buildings Middle Campus - Dorms Region Middle Campus - Chapels and Library Region Middle Campus - Usdan Region Middle Campus - Science Quad Upper Campus - Usen Castle Region Upper Campus - North Quad Upper Campus - Heller and IBS Region T Stop and South Street Region