Math Club Lectures

Date Time Speaker Title
Mar 15, 2001 5:00-6:30 Fred Diamond When is 1+2+4+...=-1 ?
Mar 07, 2001 5:00-6:30 Dmitry Kleinbock How to turn a circular blob into a cardioid by sucking water out of it?
Nov 8, 2000 5:00-6:30 Hugh Pendleton Quantum Mechanics via Feynman Diagrams: an Elementary Introduction
Oct 12, 2000 5:00-6:30 Paul Monsky Syzygies and Fractals
Sept 28, 2000 5:00-6:30 Bong Lian If there are 26 valleys and 13 passes on a planet, how many mountains are there?
Sept 20, 2000 5:30-7:00 Mark Adler On Solitaire, Young Diagrams and Disorder

Unless otherwise stated, all lectures are in the math lounge (third floor Goldsmith).

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