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Mixed Heritage Club
I. Purpose and Methods of Realizing Said Objectives
   A. The purpose of the Mixed Heritage Club is to bring together the mixed heritage community at Brandeis, acknowledge the diversity within the mixed heritage community, create a safe space for sharing and learning about issues relevant to the mixed heritage community, and raise awareness about mixed heritage people in the broader community.
   B. The Mixed Heritage Club intends to achieve its purpose through events such as discussions, forums and panels, movie nights, speakers, and other relevant activities.
II. Membership
   A. The club shall have two definitions of members, active and inactive:
   B. An active member is anyone who attends at least two meetings per semester.
      1i. Only active members can run for Executive board positions.
   C. An inactive member is anyone who was once an active member but has not attended at least two meetings in the most recent semester.
       1. Inactive members may vote in club elections.
   D. All members must be subscribed to the list serve
III. Officers
   A. The Club officers will consist of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, two ICC representatives, and two Board members at large.
   B. The duties of the President shall include:
       1. Being ultimately responsible for the success of the club and all of its decisions
       2. Conducting and presiding over club meetings, and overseeing club activities
       3. Familiarizing oneself with the procedures of the Student Union as outlined in the Student Union Club Leader Guidebook
   C. The duties of the Secretary shall include:
       1. Taking minutes of each meeting and sending them out to the list serve the following day
       2. Maintaining the club list serve
   D. The duties of the Treasurer shall include:
       1. Acting as the financial liaison for the club
       2. Familiarizing oneself with the procedures of the Finance Board
       3. Managing the financial aspects of all activities, including fundraising
       iv. Being responsible for the distribution, care, and record of all funds
   E. The duties of the ICC representatives shall include:
       1. Attending weekly ICC programming board meetings
       2. Proposing involvement with other ICC clubs
       3. Acting as a liaison to other ICC clubs
   F. The duties of the Board members at large shall include:
       1. Aiding the Board Chair in his or her duties
       2. Acting as a liaison to other Student Union Organizations
       3. Scheduling and organizing club events
       4. Advertising all events and meetings of the club
IV. Elections of Officers
   A. Elections for President will take place within the last three weeks of spring semester and before all other elections
   B. Elections for all positions other than President will take place at the end of spring semester
   C. Officers will be elected by a simple majority.
V. Meetings
   A. Club meetings shall be called by the Board Chair at least once every two weeks
VI. Constitution and Amendments
   A. The Constitution shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of members.
   B. Amendments shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote of present members.
VII. Statement of Non-Exclusivity
   A. The Mixed Heritage Club is open to all members of the Brandeis Community. The Mixed Heritage Club does not discriminate against members on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual preference, class, age, nationality, physical ability, or political affiliation.
VII. Sweatshop Free Apparel Commitment
   A. The Mixed Heritage Club shows their support for ethical labor practices and human rights by committing to the exclusive purchase of sweatshop free apparel. Whereas “sweatshop free” apparel is defined as apparel produced by a manufacturer that makes sure that links in the garment chain follow international labor standards (ILO Conventions), which guarantee safe conditions with reasonable and adequate benefits.