To the Readers and Members of Monsoon Magazine:

In the fall of 2003, as Monsoon Editor-in-Chief Karen Jiang and I embarked on the beginning of our college careers, the Brandeis community faced tremendous racial and political tension. There was a clear need on campus for enhanced outlets of diverse discussion. As first-years, many students and I found solace in the founding of Monsoon magazine, the first Asian journal of Brandeis University. Monsoon’s rich content provided numerous opportunities for Brandeis students to learn about Asian culture, connecting us to new information.

While much work is still needed to bridge cultural divisions on campus, I feel confident that the continued work of our community leaders will gradually establish deeper understandings between our community members. Through social events, debates, and discussions, we must all work together in this worthy effort. As a community leader myself, I feel extremely fortunate to read Monsoon every semester and gain a closer connection to so many of my peers.

Thank you so much, Monsoon, for providing me with such an opportunity.


Jenny Feinberg

President, Student Union Government