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Building for Peace is a recognized club of the Student Union whose mission was to construct a peace monument on campus that would serve as a physical testament to the universality of peace and the diversity at Brandeis University. The club is comprised of the students of Professor Gordon Fellman's Sociology of Empowerment and is funded by a grant from the Hewlett Pluralism Alliance and the Student Senate.

Sociology of Empowerment, Fall 2002

The Brandeis University Peace Monument was first dedicated in May of 2002. It is located in the circular seating area between Usdan and Pearlman and is surrounded by benches and a garden. In the very center of the monument is a beautiful mosaic of a dove, the international symbol of peace. Encircling the mosaic are various tiles, engraved with the word "peace" in the various languages spoken at Brandeis University. There are approximately 40 different language bricks.

Building for Peace has set out to further the beauty and breadth of the Brandeis University Peace Monument. It will be adding approximately 20 more language bricks, including American Sign Language and Braile, various cultural symbols of peace, a dedication plaque, and finally a "peace tree" to the garden area. A rededication ceremony will be held in either late April of early May. Stay tuned for more details.

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