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Past Projects

Peru Project (Project J’acu Yanapana)

Fall 2008

Description: Raised $1,500 complete a student's campaign to install electricity in every home in Socma, Peru. With funds raised, this student along with the Peruvian government and the Rural Electrification Company of Peru completed the project in the Summer of 2009.

Impact: The introduction of electricity greatly reduced the cost of living, allowing for the installation of an emergency phone at the town center. This proved vital for future development projects such as a medical outpost, various economic development programs, and a secondary school. Funds were directed through the Rustic Pathways Foundation, a non-profit that has established a fund exclusively for this purpose.

ELEVEate Project

Fall 2009

Description: Raised $1,200 for ELEVEate-- a non-profit organization founded by a Brandeis student-- to purchase $25 birth certificates for students in Senegal so that they may take the National Secondary School Entrance Exam.

Impact: Although $25 may not seem like much to us, for Senegalese families that live on less than $1.25 a day it is a fortune. Senegalese girls are usually asked to stay at home and service their families by fetching water, preparing meals, and caring for the ill. ELEVEate has been able to purchase birth certificates for over 350 girls in the Koalack region of Senegal, in addition to having encouraged and financed a pilot summer school program which aimed to eliminate gaps in the education of these girls. 84% of the girls who received a birth certificate from ELEVEate and who took the National Secondary School Entrance Exam in Senegal passed. More information on ELEVEate can be found at

Waltham Project

Spring 2009

Description: Raised $1,000 for three separate divisions of the Waltham Group: the community service center at Brandeis University. Purchased art supplies for elementary school children at the Waltham Boys and Girls Club, threw an International Ball for elderly residents at the Leland Home, and purchased books and fresh fruit for preschoolers' snack time at the Waltham Family School.

Impact: The Waltham Boys and Girls Club provides a safe place for elementary school children to play, learn and grow after school.

The Leland Home is a not-for-profit nursing home, whose residents rarely interact with people aside from each other and staff. Funded an International-themed ball, that inspired a new sense of invigoration and energy at the Leland Home, where depression is a serious issue among residents.
The Waltham Family School is a family literacy program, whose goal is to help families escape the cycle of poverty by providing parents with the resources to get good jobs and by preparing children for kindergarten.

Waltham Project

China Care Project

Spring 2009

Description: The Phront collaborated with the Brandeis Asian American Student Association's (BAASA) SKIN Fashion Show to spearhead research on appropriate charities for the event. The Phront acted as liasison to the China Care Foundation and administered the fund raising aspects of the event, collecting $500 over the course of the evening.

Impact: China Care Foundation was established in 2000 by Matt Dalio with the aim to "give special needs Chinese orphans the opportunity for a better life and to empower youth through direct humanitarian service. By providing extensive medical, social and educational programs devoted to children, China Care makes a lasting contribution to our shared future."

SKIN is an annual fashion show hosted by the Brandeis Asian American Student Association (BAASA) during Asian Pacific Heritage Month (APAHM) to raise awareness on Asian American culture. The show aims to push the edge of fashion while showcasing a wide range of talents. Some designers who have participated in previous years include: May Aye, Shin Choi, and Plastered T-Shirts.

$6200 amount raised for projects as of today.