Agent-Based Computational Finance

In cooperation with Blake LeBaron and the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Patrick Herb and Axel Szmulewiez are in the process of developing a suite of agent-based software to assist in both teaching and research efforts. We are considering some of the classic agent-based finance papers and writing computer programs that replicate either some or all of their key results. Most programs will be written in Matlab or NetLogo, but some may be composed in Python. Interested entities may download these programs free of charge.

Coming Soon: Agent-Based Programs in Progress

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Discrete Choice Approach: Wealth

Discrete Choice Approach: Wealth & Predisposition

Discrete Choice Approach: Wealth, Herding & Predisposition

Discrete Choice Approach: Herding, Predisposition & Misalignment

Transition Probability Approach: Wealth

Transition Probability Approach: Herding & Predisposition

Transition Probability Approach: Herding, Predisposition & Misalignment

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Homogeneous Trend Followers

Heterogeneous Value Investors

Order Based Value Investors

Position Based Value Investors

State-Dependent Threshold Value Strategies

Value Investors and Trend Followers

Dividend Data

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Limit Order Book

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One Contagion Round, Equal Size Banks

One Contagion Round, Different Size Banks

Many Contagion Rounds, Equal Size Banks, Default Extension Histogram

Many Contagion Rounds, Descriptive Statistics, Frequency and Extent of Contagion Plots

Many Contagion Rounds, average and top 20% average contagion plots

Many Contagion Rounds, Different Size Banks, Default Extension Histogram and Descriptive Statistics

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Asset Price Bubble Model with Optional Dividends, Constant or Decreasing Fundamental Price