Getting Help

One of the nicest things about Matlab is there are myriad ways to get help. The two main sources of help come from within Matlab itself and through external sources such as the Mathworks website

Help Within Matlab

  • If you need help with a particular function or feature within Matlab, you can simply type help and the name of the function or feature, seperated by a space, inside the command window.

  • For example, if you need help with a for loop, just type help for and press enter, and you will get the following output

  • For more information on help, type help help in the command window and press enter

Help Outside Matlab

  • My preferred way of getting help is to simply use a Google search. Here are some tips on getting your search to land where you want it

    • Always start your search with Matlab followed by what you are searching for
    • Sometimes you won’t know the name of the thing you are searching for. In that case, type Matlab followed by some things that describe what you are looking for. From that search you should be able to find the key word(s) you are looking for. Search again using the new key word(s)
  • Most of the time the first result (non-ad) will be the exact page you are looking for on the Mathworks website. Using Google can often save you some clicking

  • Finally, you can visit the Mathworks website and type your query directly into the search bar