Getting StartedΒΆ

How to install Matlab on your machine:

  • You can Download Matlab using your Brandeis username and passphrase
    • Just sign in and start shopping and you will find Matlab under Mathworks
    • Choose the correct operating system from the Choose a platform drop down menu
    • Add To Cart and Check Out
    • Simply follow the screen prompts from there
    • I would recommend installing all of the toolboxes included with our subscription
  • Alternatively you can download Matlab from Mathworks directly
    • Email IBS Technology at for the Activation Key and License Number
    • Create a Mathworks account using: “
    • Log in to Mathworks using your new account
    • On the My Account page, click Manage Licenses
    • On the My Licenses page, click associate me with a license
    • In the associate dialog box, enter the activation key and click continue
    • Download the latest version of Matlab
    • Activate Matlab as instructed by the installer