Various Computer Codes

Paul Miller, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Biology and Volen Center for Complex Systems

Computational Neuroscience
Ph.D., University of Bristol, UK

pmiller(at) Tel:781-736-2890

Hebbian learning Hopfield-net style

  • Letters of Alphabet
  • Decision-making PDE codes (Miller & Katz, 2011)

    Training XOR decisions from associative cells (Bourjaily & Miller, 2011)

  • This code demonstrates the interaction between curvature of neural response, with short-term synaptic dynamics and reward-based learning rule of input synapses to a decision-making network. XOR_sym_many.m
  • Word List generation and analysis codes (Piqado et al., 2010)

  • Code to generate dummy lists from a virtual subject simsequence_combo6new.m
  • First analysis code find_correlations_sim.m
  • Second analysis code lag_recency_sim.m

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