Studies of Contemporary Women in Science

(sociological, anthropological, economic, psychological, and policy related)


"Unfortunately, there is still a serious under representation of women in photonic science, engineering and technology. Many reasons are also based on the social structure and childcare support in the different countries and it goes beyond the scope of this network to change this. However, it is a fact that many women scientists and engineers feel isolated and less supported than their male colleagues. It is the goal of this network to increase the support and visibility of the woman scientists in our NoE and help them to get to know more women scientists," from <>.

See also SDSC, Women in Physics, other sources (under construction)

Further classified:

  1. By scholar (alphabetically)
    1. Paula Rayman (Project Working W.I.S.E.)
    2. Sue Rosser (The Science Glass Ceiling: Academic Women Scientists and the Struggle to Succeed)
    3. Virginia Valian (Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women)
  2. By region or cultural context

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