Publications on the History of Women and Gender in Science

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  1. By the PI (Pnina G. Abir-Am)
  2. By collaborators (co-editors and co-authors)
  3. By colleagues (participants in collections edited by the PI and conferences organized by the PI)

  1. By the PI (in chronological order)
    1. Edited Collections of Essays
      1. Uneasy Careers and Intimate Lives, Women in Science, 1789-1979 (New Brunswick/NJ and London: Rutgers University Press, 1987 & 1989), edited with D. Outram; preface by Margaret W. Rossiter.
      2. Creative Couples in the Sciences (New Brunswick/NJ and London: Rutgers University Press, 1996); edited with H.M. Pycior and N.G. Slack; reviewed in Science, American Historical Review, Nuncius, Medical Technology, among others; author of preface, chapter 17, and co-author of Introduction and Appendix.
    2. Articles
      1. "Synergy or Clash: Disciplinary and Marital Strategies in the Career of the Mathematical Biologist Dorothy M. Wrinch (1894-1976)" in Uneasy Careers and Intimate Lives, Women in Science, 1789-1979 (1987 & 1989), op. cit. History of Science Society 1988 Award Winner.
      2. "Introduction" in Uneasy Careers and Intimate Lives, Women in Science, 1789-1979 (1987 & 1989), op. cit. co-authored with the co-editor, 1-18.
      3. "Science policy or social policy for women in science: Lessons from historical case studies", Science and Public Policy, April 1992, 11-12;
      4. "Women in research schools; Approaching an analytical lacuna in the history of chemistry and allied sciences" in S. Mauskopf (ed.) Chemical Sciences in the Modern World (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993) 375-92.
      5. "Women in Modern Scientific Research: A Historical Overview" in World Science Report Paris: UNESCO, official publications, 1996, 348-359; in French as Rapport Mondial sur la Science, as "Les femmes dans la recherche scientifique moderne: aperçu historique"; in Spanish as Informe mundial sobre la ciencia.
      6. "Collaborative Couples who Strove to Change the World: The Social Policies and Personal Tensions of the Russells, the Myrdals, and the Mead-Batesons" in Creative Couples in the Sciences, 1996, 267-281.
      7. Introduction in Creative Couples in the Sciences, 1996, op. cit. 1-35, co-authored with the other editors.
      8. "Gender and Cultural Memory: Remembering Dorothy Hodgkin in England, India, and China" (forthcoming; under revision, read at the History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Nov. 2005; the Weizmann Institute for Science, January 2005; University of Maastricht, November 2002; Harvard University - Joint Study Groups in History of Biology and Medicine, October 2002; among other sites)
    3. Reviews (in Isis, Women Studies International Journal, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, among others)
    4. Prefaces to books in the series "Lives of Women in Science", Rutgers University Press, 1989-
      1. Series Editor's Foreword in A Convergence of Lives, Sofia Kovalevskaia-Scientist, Writer, Revolutionary, by Ann Hibner Koblitz (Rutgers University Press, 1994), ix-xi.
      2. Series Editor's Foreword in Creative Couples in the Sciences, op. cit., ix-xi.
      3. Series Editor's Foreword in "Almost a Man of Genius", Clemence Royer, Feminism, and Nineteenth-Century Science by Joy Harvey (Rutgers University Press, 1997), ix-xi.
    5. Work-in-progress (under construction)
      1. Cultural Memory and Gender: Remembering Nobel Laureate Dorothy Hodgkin in England, China, and India. (forthcoming; paper read on 11/05/05 at the Annual Meeting of the History of Science Society, MNPLS)
  2. By Collaborators: see items I.A.1, I.A.2, I.B.2, and I.B.8
  3. By Colleagues (under construction)


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