The Pre-Veterinary Society Constitution

I. Purpose:
The goal of the Pre-Veterinary Society is to provide students interested in veterinary medicine with information about: working in the field, how to gain experience in the field, the academic track that needs to be followed, and how to apply to vet schools.  To include the Brandeis community, the Pre-Veterinary Society seeks to create
volunteer opportunities and increase animal care awareness

II. Club Officers:
1.      Schedule, organize and run meetings
2.      Notifications to club members
3.      Help organize events
1.      Help president with organization of meetings and events.
2.      Work with Activities Coordinator to plan and organize events.
1.      Board meeting note taking
2.      Publicity and outreach to campus
3.      List serve: creating, maintaining and adding new members.
                        1.      In charge of fund allocation and distribution.
Activities Coordinator:
1.      Plan and organize events such as:
- Guest veterinarian speakers
- Talks by admissions people from near by veterinary schools
- Community service (such as volunteer days at animal shelters)
- Advising programs on what academic track to follow and how to apply.

III. Definition of a Member:
  • Active member: Anyone who attends one meeting per semester.
  • Inactive member: Anyone on the mailing list who has not attended a meeting that semester.
IV. Election of Officers:
  • Elections will take place at least a week before the end of classes of fall semester.
  • Officers will be elected by a majority vote of active club members.
V. Nature and Frequency of Meetings:
  • Officers meetings (open to all members) will occur weekly for the planning and organizing of events and club activities
  • Club meetings for advising sessions and special events/presentations will be announced when the dates are known.
VI. Constitution and Amendments:
  • Amendments to the constitution will be adopted by a two-thirds vote of active members.
  • Amendments can be presented by any club member.
VII. Statement of Non-Exclusivity:

The Pre-Vet Society is open to all members of the Brandeis Community. The Pre-Vet Society does not discriminate against members on the basis of sex, religion, sexual preference, class, age, nationality or physical ability.
VIII. The Pre-Vet Society is asking to be chartered.