Before the Spring '99 Show

The story of Anna and the hair spray

Well it started out fine. Then the hair spray started to take effect. And finally it drove me mad.

Before the show started

Together they look way too much like the real thing. going ... going ... missed it missed it now you've got to kiss it. Why do you think she missed it. Oh boy, wips, but where are the chains.
Julia and Cheryl chilling before the show. We are the MID (Men in Drag). If you need help, find someone else. If you need atractive women, find someone else. Yes folks, Soch wasn't in the cast, and he wanted to wear that.


Ok, the full cast, and I think it was one of the best casts.
Top row (from the left)-- Lee-ran Eines, Anna Margulis, Laura Shipiro, Cheryl Greenwald, Julia Becker, Samantha Gross.
Bottom row (from the left)-- Daniel Ginsberg, Tamar Saturen, Lucy Handfield, Hillel Sims, Tamir Talmon.

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