The Fall '96 Cast

Paul getting his mind flossed by Tim.

A cast shot from rehearsal.

One of our Trixies.

Our Columbia and director.


Riff Raff jumping rope before the show.


One of the Trannies.

Paul is having his makeup touched up; really, he's under there.

Rocky getting prepped.

A few cast members.

A few more cast members.

Not a great picture, but this is the whole cast in costume before the show.

The cast again.

The Blues Brothers were our preshow.

No Rocky show, especially at a college, would be complete without a virgin sacrifice.

One of the Trixies in action.

"I'm just a sweet transvestite..."

"Let me show you around..."

This is always the worst part of the show.

Photos provided by Tamir Talmon
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