The Rocky Horror Picture Show

at Brandeis University 

Present Rocky Cast

(updated Fall 2002 -- now with links to pictures!)

Past Rocky Casts

(last updated Summer 1999)

A Little Shpiel About RHPS at Brandeis

Brandeis University is, academically, a very good school. So of course, the social aspect was a little lacking. OK, it was a LOT lacking. So some people (whose names I don't know) had a conversation similar to the one below:

note: this a reenactment. These events may or may not have happened.
Brad: Janet. Wanna go see to Harvard Square tonight to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Janet: Oh Brad. I wish I could, but I promised Dr. Scott I would go with him to see the Teseracte cast.
Brad: Gee Janet. I really wish that I could be in Rocky. I would make a great Eddie.
Janet: No you wouldn't. I think you'd make a great Riff Raff. But that's besides the point. I think it would be great if Brandeis had a club that put on a production of Rocky every semester.

So that's how the idea was born. Then some enterprising individuals had the following conversation:

note: names have been changed to protect the innocent. 
Lucille: Hey Barak. Can we get Brandeis to pay for our rent? 
Barak: Of course not! 
Anne: What about getting Brandeis to shell out money to buy costumes so we don't have to buy them when we do Rocky? 
Pault: That's a good idea. 
Hether: Yeah. Sounds good.
Anyway, after all that shtuff, a constitution was written up and a club was formed. The hazing forms were signed. All is right with the world. 

Possible events to look for in the 1999-2000 year: 
(we are not held accountable if these events do not happen)

    Two count them 2 Rocky shows each semester.

    Shows by the Teseracte cast probably every other week at Chestnut Hills theater.

    An entire Rocky cast of all girls.

    A completely nude cast of Rocky (both genders).

    The highly asked for return of Samantha Gross as Rocky.

    Jehuda making a special appearance to help Tamir with the virgin sacrifice.

    The addition of the Rocky virgin transformation coffin.

Fun Stuff

The RHPS purity test