The Spring '99 Cast

The wedding scene and the rain

I've got something to say. So say it, no sing it, it's a musical.

Brad how do you spell slut.

There's a light over at the Frankenstein place.

Lets do the Time warp

It's astounding. Time is fleeting. Well I was walking down the street just a having...


140 people doing the Time Warp. One hell of a show.



Tap tap tap, oh baby. Lets do the Time Warp Again.

Enter Frank

Or maybe a bite. I said bite not lick bitch. So cum up to the lab and see whats on the slab.



Janets on the rag. So is Brad. Flesh tone underwear nice choice.
BLT (Bigger Left Tit).

The birth of Rocky (and what a Rocky at that)

  It was an accident. Isn't she beutiful. Oh yeh. The Sword of Demiclease was hanging over my head.

Enter Eddie

Hi Lucy :-). Hot Pituty.



Watchout for the sacks on the fallow through. Wow she has a nice ass.



Notice the form ... ... and then the follow through.



If Anna was cassing me with that thing, I would run away. You killed Eddie. You bastard.

Sex and Food (what more do you want).

In just 7 days (and 6 long nights) I can make him a man. There's a trible in the bed, don't touch the trible.



Kiss me baby and make me squeak Toucha toucha touch me, I want to be dirty.



Wow, look waht's going on over there. Not quite what was supposed to happen, but it works.



We want to see some "male nipple"? You should have buckled up.



Please wait till the ride has come to a complete stop before throwing up. They meet at first for the last time.



Master diner is prepared. We've secretly switched Columbia's "dildo" with a "vibrator." Lets see if she notices. wuja wiga wuga


My teddy, my teddy, oh Vinchenso.  

The floor show

Oh it was great when it all began. ... Truly beutiful to behold.



Hey Janet can I have a kiss. What ever happened to Fay Ray ...



Please pass the bong. Do you see what I see. Oh yeh.



1, 2, 3, kick. I swear I didn't touch your banana



Get your hand off my ass. Beautiful sister? What the hell are you talking about. Just pull on the shaft.

I through this in just because.

Photos provided by Jeff Klien
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