Rebecca Torrey

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Elementary Mathematics Coordinator
Brandeis University


I'm currently interested in math education research. I'm particularly interested in experiential learning and using technology to better implement research-backed best practices.

I am working with Tim Hickey and Kristian Kime on one such project, called CalcTutor.

  • The Calculus Dashboard - leveraging intelligent tutor techniques to provide automated fine-grained student assessment - by Kristian Kime, Timothy Hickey, and Rebecca Torrey FIE'17
  • Measuring and Visualizing Learning with Markov Models (accepted) - by Fatima Abu Deeb, Kristian Kime, Rebecca Torrey, and Timothy Hickey, FIE'16
  • CalcTutor: Applying the Teachers Dilemma Methodology to Calculus Pedagogy - by Kristian Kime, Rebecca Torrey, and Timothy Hickey, FIE'15
  • On Serre's conjecture over imaginary quadratic fields - JNT, arxiv

There once was a conjecture from Serre
On Representations and Formes Modulaires.
I extended to Q(i)
And wrote code to test and to try.
My computations say the outlook is fair.

This is my rendering of my thesis in limerick form. My brother had told me about this collection of theses-in-haiku-form, but when I got around to doing mine years later, I had forgotten that it was haiku and instead wrote a limerick.